Argentina Funny Post Bangla, Facebook Post,Meme Image, Troll Pic, Bad Status

 Argentina Facebook Post, Facebook Comment Pic, Meme Image, Troll Pic

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Argentina Funny Post Bangla, Facebook Post,Meme Image, Troll Pic, Bad Status – As we all know the football world cup 2022 has started. There is only excitement and excitement around this. Before the start of the game, there are various statuses, trolling and fun about different teams.

Everyone is talking about the World Cup now. Brazil and Argentina are the two most trolled teams in the world. Brazil fans trolling Argentinians, Argentina fans trolling Brazilians. Let everyone keep trolling more about the Argentina team. Today we will know from this article funny status, troll pic and bad status about Argentina. Today’s article is mainly for those who give status, troll about Argentina. Let’s know more details from below.

Argentina Funny Post Bangla

Argentina is undoubtedly a good football team. All the players here are skilled, experienced and good players. Argentina has been giving good performances all the time. Unfortunately, fans of different teams share different funny posts about Argentina. Especially Brazil team supporters post funny Argentina.

The Argentina team has been trolled for having a long bad spell with no World Cup or international trophies. Argentina team is called by many as a helpless team of football team, a team called big boys of Bengal who could not win a single cup. Many words can be heard in the mouths of various people during this World Cup.

Argentina Funny Post Bangla Bad Status

Argentina football team has been trolled by Brazilian fans for many years without winning any cup. They make funny posts, different types of troll picks, bad statuses against them on social media. All around now only the World Cup is being talked about, in the tea shops everyone is singing the anthem of the team that they are supporting.

Brazil team shows Argentina all the time through various words that Argentina are playing badly they did not win any trophy. Trolling began with this. The football team was called three-piece for scoring three goals in the last World Cup. Besides, Argentina was called six up after scoring against Spain last year.

 Argentina team Facebook Post,Meme Image, Troll Pic

The World Cup has been trolling social media for months before it starts. Only the trolls of Argentina and Brazil can see various things about them. Now more world cup games have started. How many types of status are seen with this World Cup Argentina team. The most fun is about Messi. Messi is the best player of all time maybe that’s why he gets trolled more.













It is natural that the team that plays better will be trolled and criticized more. Even if Argentina plays well, there are some people who will not spare him from rotting. Their job is to destroy the other party. Argentina team is not amused by trolling like this because they can’t stand Argentina team.

You must have learned from today’s discussion about various funny posts, troll picks and bad status about Argentina team. If you have anything to say, please comment below. Thank you all for being with us.

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