Buddha Purnima 2022 : Images, Wishes and Messages to Share on Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Purnima Date, Puja Time, and Other Important Details

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Wish your loved ones with a greeting message to celebrate Buddha Purnima 2022. In today’s blog you can collect Happy Buddha Purnima 2022 Quotes Pictures etc. If you want to get Buddha Purnima greetings sms pictures then today’s post is very important for you.

Today is Buddha Purnima, the happy birthday of Buddha. Analyzing the historical significance of the Buddhists, I have come today with good wishes as well as important messages. From here you can easily download Buddha Purnima Greetings Message Picture.

Buddha Purnima 2022

Buddha Purnima is a religious festival of Buddha and Hindu nation all over the world. Gautam Buddha’s birthday is celebrated as Buddha Jayanti. Buddha Purnima will be celebrated all over the world on 15th May. Prince Siddhartha Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon day in 563 AD.

Since then, Buddhist and Hindu nationalities have been celebrating Gautam Buddha’s birthday. To commemorate the birthday of Gautama Buddha, the Buddha celebrates Buddha Purnima.

Vesak commemorates the birth anniversary of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, the prince of Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Java, Indonesia, Tibet, Mongolia. On the occasion of the birthday of Gautam Buddha of Buddhist and Hindu nationalities, greetings Bani Picture SMS was published all over the world.

Buddha Purnima Date

Happy Buddha Purnima greetings to loved ones? Want to make Buddhapurnima a success by sending a message to your loved ones on Happy Visak Day? But today’s article will be very important for you. Greetings on the occasion of Happy Buddha Purnima or Visakhapatnam have been collected and published.

There is nothing wrong with copying a greeting message or a greeting picture from our website.

Buddha Purnima is celebrated all over the world on the date of Baishakh in April or May every year. Buddha Purnima is the biggest festival for the Buddhist nation. Many people want to know when Buddhapurnima will be held. Buddha Purnima in 2022 will be celebrated all over the world on 15th May.

This day is very auspicious for Buddhist and Hindu nationalities. Because on this day Gautam Buddha was born. This day is celebrated on the occasion of Gautam Buddha’s birthday. Among the various events celebrated is the birthday of Gautam Buddha which is known worldwide as Buddhapurnima or Vasek Day. ⁇

Buddha Purnima Images, Wishes and Messages



Forgetting the sorrows
In the joy of Buddha Purnima
Let everyone’s mind rise
Buddha Purnima to everyone
Greetings and congratulations. ”

“May the hand of Lord Buddha always be on your head,
May happiness and prosperity be with you,
May all your desires be fulfilled. ”
“Happy Vesek Day “

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