Scholarship Class 5 Scholarship Exam Result 2023 PDF : রেজাল্ট দেখুন Primary Britti Result

Primary 5 Class Scholarship Exam Result 2023 PDF Download

Rate this post Class 5 Scholarship Exam Result 2023 : Primary Britti Result – The first stage of the entire education system of Bangladesh is primary education. It has been made mandatory for all by the Bangladesh government. At the end of this stage of education, everyone gets the necessary education for normal living. The education, if any, is imparted in the primary education system.

Basically reading and writing English, Bangla, solving some common mathematical problems, country and abroad and history are given a little idea at this stage. Therefore, this level of education is necessary to become a good citizen.

Primary 5th Class Scholarship Exam Result 2023 PDF Download :  In order to make students of different levels interested in education in Bangladesh, the government has arranged scholarships at different levels. Basically meritorious students are awarded scholarships at various levels based on their results. It is mainly station based. It makes students interested in learning. And they focus on studies. Today we will discuss the scholarships provided by the government. In particular, primary education.

Primary Scholarship Result 2023

Students taking primary education participate in the first scholarship examination in class V. This year’s first scholarship exam was held on December 30, 2022. About 6 lakh students participated in this scholarship examination in various upazila-based centers of the country.

The duration of the exam was 2 hours. This year, the students of the fifth class were accepted for the scholarship examination of 100 marks with a total of 25 marks from four subjects in Bengali, English, Mathematics and Science. 15 marks or multiple choice and 10 marks answers are required from each subject.

প্রাইমারি বৃত্তি রেজাল্ট দেখুন

Class 5 Scholarship Result 2023 Published Date

Class 5 Scholarship Exam Result 2023 Result Release Time –  The result of preliminary scholarship exam held in 2022 will be declared on 25-28 February. It is known that due to the large number of candidates this year, more time has to be taken to evaluate the results. Primary and Mass Education Secretary Farid Ahmed gave this information in a press conference at the Secretariat on 14th February 2023.

How many students will get the scholarship initially ?

A total of 82 thousand 500 students will be given scholarships under the fifth class scholarship examination 2022. Among them, 33,000 students will be given scholarships in talent pool and 49,500 students in general grade, said the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

In case of scholarships in TalentPool-

Taking into account the total number of participating students in an upazila, 50 percent of the total scholarship will be awarded to male students and 50 percent to female students according to merit.

In case of scholarship in general grade-

Scholarships will be given to 49 thousand 500 students as union and ward wise 3 students.

How much money will the scholarship recipients receive initially?

Scholarship holders in talent pool will get Taka 300 per month and general grade will get Rs.225 per month.

How to Check Class 5 Primary Scholarship Result?

  • First click on this link ( Or copy the link and search in any browser.
  • Then from the page that will appear, click on the above “Graduation and Scholarship Result” category.
  • Then click on the “Select” link on the page that appears.
  • Click on the Select link and 3 options will appear. It will read:1) Single result by roll number.
    2) Single result by ID.
    3) School wise results.
  • From here, a candidate can view his result by selecting the exam name, exam year, division, district, upazila/thana select and exam roll number by clicking on “single result option” according to the roll number.
  • Besides, any student or teacher can click on the “School Wise Result” option to view the results of the entire school by selecting the exam name, exam year, division, district, upazila/thana, ward/union, school type, school name. Class 5 Scholarship Result 2023 Scholarship Result 2023

Primary Scholarship Exam Link and Rules to Check Primary Scholarship Exam Result are mentioned above. However, it is given here again for the convenience of the readers. The link to check preliminary scholarship result is But one can directly go to the result page on this link.

Due to the impact of the Corona epidemic and to keep in line with the existing curriculum, the Primary Education Completion or PSC examinations have not been held for the past few years. For this, the scholarship examination has been held separately as before.

And the scholarship exam will be held separately in the coming days. Our today was mainly around this preliminary scholarship exam. Hopefully, this article will be of some benefit to the students and their parents.

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