GoPro Hero 13: Release Date, Official Price & Full Review

New GoPro Hero13 Black price, specs, release date

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New GoPro hero 13 release date official price and full specifications now we are going to publish on this register. In the era of information technology, cameras have become an essential element in our daily lives. Cameras play an important role in reminiscing the festive moments. Back in the day there were no such sophisticated cameras.

But nowadays the advent of technology has resulted in the creation of sophisticated cameras day by day. And today we are going to discuss in detail about that advanced camera. In today’s registration, we will tell you all the features of GoPro hero 13 upcoming camera along with its release date, official price.

GoPro Hero 13 Release Date 2024

Currently the latest upcoming camera is the GoPro 13 Black Action Camera. This new camera uses the most features and powerful technology. Due to its new features, it has gained popularity among camera-lovers even before its release. Many people are interested to know the release date of this camera.

If you are also interested to know the release date of Gopro Hero 13 Black Action Camera, then you have come to the right place. The company is taking some time to create new dimensions in the GoPro Hero 13 Black action camera. But according to sources, it will come to the market in 2024. But it may come at the end of 2023.

New GoPro Hero13 Black specs

GoPro Hero 13 is a latest action camera. Before this GoPro latest action camera was GoPro Hero 12. But the upcoming group Hero Thirteen will be released in the market very soon. This amazing camera features an incredible 32 megapixel sensor capable of capturing 8K video and 8K image resolution.

Also in this camera you will get more advanced features including action replay and setting, WiFi 802, bluetooth. Go Pro Hero 13 Black Action Camera with all features information below.


The New Go Pro 13 action camera comes with built-in mounting and folding fingers. This camera also offers HDR and Hyper Smooth 5.0 video stabilization. The New Pro Hero 13 Black action camera also features Warp 3.0 video, webcam mode, 1080p live streaming, scene detection, microphone, slow motion and side noise control.

You will get all these great features in the GoPro Hero 13 Black action camera. Not only that, you will get this new Go Pro Hero 13 black action camera with a huge powerful battery. Through which you can easily make long videos and take photos.

GoPro Hero 13 Black Action Camera 2024 Full Specifications

Many of you who are action camera lovers already want to know about the full specifications of the new Go Pro Hero 13 Black action camera. So for the convenience of all, the full specifications of the upcoming GoPro Hero 13 Black Action Camera 2024 are published here in the form of a table.


2ModelHero 13
4Release DateLate 2024
5TechnologyHyperSmooth 5.0 technology
6Sensor32 MP
9Video Feature“Scheduled Capture, Duration Capture, On-Screen Shortcuts, Touch Zoom, Protune, RAW Photo Capture”
10BatteryRechargeable Li-ion Battery
11Connectivity“Built-in; 802.11b/g + GPS + Bluetooth 5.2 LE”
12StorageSD card
13DisplayIntuitive Touch Screen
16ProcessorGP4 Processor
17Audio Device“(3.5 mm diameter))plug-in power supported)

HDMI output: (Type C mini-pin HDMI connector)r”

18Features“(Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers), (Superphoto+ HDR), (HyperSmooth 5.0 Video Stabilization), (TimeWarp 3.0 Video), (Live Streaming in 1080p), (Webcam Mode), Face, Smile, Blink, + (Scene Detection), Slow-motion, Voice Control, and Microphone”

GoPro Hero 13 Specification Expectation

  • 5K video recording at 30 frames per second
  • 4K video recording at 120 frames per second
  • Improved photo resolution of up to 20 megapixels
  • Voice control for easy operation
  • Improved image stabilization
  • Increased battery life
  • Waterproofing up to 10 meters
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatibility with external microphones and other accessories.

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