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JSC SSC And HSC Certificate Correction Online | Certificate Correction System Online or Offline Method

How To Correct Your Certificate Online in Bangladesh

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How can I change my certificate in Bangladesh? Rules for online correction of certificate You are all welcome to the discussion regarding the certificate revision rules. In most of our certificates there is a mistake in the name of the parents, year of birth in their own name and small things are wrong. We have to deal with them. So today we will discuss among you how you can correct the certificate through online with all these information.

How To Correct Your Certificate Online in Bangladesh. Because the certificate is the most valuable in a student’s life. We have arranged this article nicely for you so that you don’t have to face many problems later on with the certificate. You can easily collect all kinds of information by reading this article. Let’s look at the title above, you already understand what the topic of today’s discussion is going to be, so those of you who need an idea about it, read our article with full attention.

How to Correction Certificate in Bangladesh

By reading this article, you will know how to correct the certificate, what kind of mistakes there are in the certificate, how long it takes to correct the certificate and how much money it costs etc. We will try to highlight the issues through this article.How To Correct Your Certificate Online in Bangladesh.

How to correct the certificate online? Today we will discuss two rules among you now and give details about the two rules. As a result you will understand how to correct your certificate. Besides, gradually we will discuss among you how much money will be spent etc. Those of you who have your own name, parent’s name, date of birth, age etc. in the certificate can read our article carefully, as a result of which you will get the solution of all the problems.

Certificate correction online / offline Method

Usually there are more mistakes in these few things like name age birth date birth year parents name in the certificate. As a result of which all the students have to face a lot of suffering due to wrong name or wrong information. No need to worry we will tell you through this article how to solve all the problems so let’s get started.

Steps of certificate correction : Today we are here to discuss two steps of certificate correction.

  1. Lottery Public
  2. Advertising in newspapers

I will discuss these two rules in detail with you. Through these two rules, you can correct your certificate according to the information provided by us.

How To File An Affidavit

You can solve your date of birth or year of birth process through a lawyer in this process. You can call it lottery or affidavit. For correction of date of birth you have to do lottery or affidavit through lawyer. If the applicant is 18 years old at the time of application i.e. the one whose birth certificate is incorrect, he can make the affidavit himself.

If the applicant is not 18 years of age then either of their parents i.e. guardian should do it. This work or process has to be completed through the first class magistrate. You have to complete this process through Magistrate with non judicial stamp or first class stamp. If you complete this process before the First Class Magistrate, you will get your certificate correction solution very easily.

 JSC SSC And HSC Certificate Correction Online (

Post Your Ad on Newspaper

You will have to place an advertisement in the newspaper during the revision of your certificate. The advertisement should be given after executing the affidavit. Those of you who need to correct your parent’s name or your own name or date of birth, you have to advertise in the newspaper through this program and why you have made a mistake in any place, i.e. what to correct in your certificate.

In this process your own name own birth date birth year parents name board name roll number registration number whatever is wrong if you want to correct it then you want to correct it i.e. any other than your own name or parents If something is wrong, it should be written in short form.

After completing all the information, if you have your voter ID card, if not, then go directly to the headmaster of the institution where you have studied with the birth registration card and parents’ voter ID card. If you go to the head teacher, he will show you all kinds of information, that is, they will tell you where you can correct this certificate.

How To Correction Certificate Online

Submit all the documents mentioned above to the head teacher. If the documents are submitted to the head teacher, the computer operator of the institution will explain all the tasks to him. He will neatly submit your required information online by scanning it.

After submitting, an SMS will be sent to the number that you have given your phone number and you will receive a message of the amount of money required for payment from there and you can deposit the amount through Sonaki Bank. You must keep the deposit receipt carefully because it will be used later and your work will not be completed without depositing the money. After depositing the payment amount you will receive a message on your phone that the application process is complete.

Apply Now 
You can track the progress of all these processes with your phone number and user name. You have to pay through Sonali Bank. Keep the receipt from the bank issued at the time of application very carefully. Because it will be useful to you later. It will take more than three months to amend the certificate. So if you are impatient, you can check it occasionally with your mobile number and username to see how far your work has been completed.

You have to wait for 7 days after depositing money in Sonali Bank. After seven days of waiting, your phone will receive a final message. After that you have to appear in your own board for the first time and submit the certificate first. After submitting the previous certificate you will get the new certificate.

Online Certificate Name Correction Cost

  • 500 for newspaper advertisement.
  • 500 for notary public application
  • Application Fee Total:- 558 x 2 = 1116 Tk
  • The fees of different boards, however, vary. (For example Dhaka Board 558, Dinajpur Board 1038, Rajshahi 1028. Boards determine their fees.)
  • Certificate withdrawal fee 558 x 2 = 1116 taka (2)

In all, you may spend 3 and a half thousand rupees. It is expected that you will be able to correct your certificate if this is the same amount of money.

 JSC SSC And HSC Certificate Correction Online

By looking at our discussion and title, you know what is going to be the topic of today’s discussion. Today’s topic of discussion is about how to correct the certificate through online. In the above discussion, we have discussed among you the method of correcting the certificate, how you can correct the certificate, how to correct the certificate, payment of money and collection of the certificate through online, etc.

Those of you who have certificate problems can solve your problem by reading our discussion completely carefully. Hope you got your solution Thank you all for staying with our website for any problem visit our website thanks


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