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How To Correction Certificate Online – JSC, SSC, HSC Certificate Correction Bangladesh

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How To Correction Certificate Online –  Certificates can be easily modified online. Today’s article will tell you how to modify the certificate by accessing the official website online. I hope you read the entire post carefully then you can easily correct your JSC SSC and HSC exam certificate from here.

Certificates are very important to a student. If the certificate is wrong after studying for a long time, then there are many kinds of problems in the job. Even if everything goes well, many jobs are canceled due to certificate error.

If your certificate is incorrect it should be corrected earlier. Many people want to know how to modify the certificate online from the website. Today we are going to discuss in detail how to modify the certificate online.

How To Correction Certificate Online

Certificate errors can be easily corrected online. However, many do not know about this method. From today’s article I will tell you how to correct the certificate error online. If you have your name, parent’s name or any other mistake in the certificate, you can easily correct it.


To amend the certificate, you must first access the official website of the Dhaka Board of Education ( Create your application by clicking on the online application from the official website of Dhaka Education Board. Then submit with the correct information in the application.

How To Correction Certificate Offline Method

Is your father’s name or mother’s name wrong in the certificate? Thinking about how to fix it? There is no reason to worry. In the same way, today’s article discusses in detail how to amend the certificate.

In addition to the online medium you can modify the certificate from the Board of Education offline. For this you need to create an application.

You must provide your complete information in the application correctly. However, in case of amending the certificate, the age of the candidate must be 18 years. Moreover, it will not be possible to amend the certificate.

Birth certificate update/correction form online

JSC, SSC And HSC Certificate Correction Bangladesh

From today’s article we will inform you the rules for correcting JSC SSC and HSC certificates. If there is a mistake, the candidate has to face many problems in the job.

If your HSC exam certificate is wrong then first you have to correct JSC and SSC exam certificate. You can easily modify the certificate online. If I want, you can fill the correction form without online medium and get the certificate corrected from the Board of Education.

Certificates are very important to the student. Every student’s certificate is very important in the job. So if your certificate is wrong then it must be corrected.

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