How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete Facebook Account Instantly ?

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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently | How to Delete Facebook Account Instantly ? We are here to discuss a different topic. Facebook is one of the social media in our country. Today we will show you how you can delete Facebook account. Sometimes we need to delete our Facebook account.

To delete this, you have to follow some steps, how to delete the Facebook account, etc. We will try to present to you today through this registration. Those of you who want to read this article to delete your facebook account which was unnecessary facebook account must follow our steps.

How to Delete Facebook Account

We often open Facebook accounts for various purposes. When our work is done or if this Facebook account is no longer needed, we try to delete that account, but many of us cannot delete Facebook accounts. We have no idea how to delete it.

We will try to present all the rules to you to delete unnecessary Facebook account today through this article. We will also discuss how to delete a Facebook account, what are the steps to be followed, how long will it take for the account to be deleted, and if the Facebook account is deleted, can it be restored?

If you want to delete Facebook account, you have to follow some steps and I tried to discuss among you what is required. You must have a browser or Facebook Apps login in the Facebook account you are trying to delete from.



Facebook account password should be known. If you forget the password in the Facebook account, forget them and set a new password. You will definitely need the password to delete the Facebook account. Usually Facebook account can be deleted forever if you don’t delete your Facebook account without logging in, your account can be deleted. You should keep your Facebook account password and login to Facebook account in any apps or browser, then I will teach you how to delete Facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Rules for deleting Facebook account: Now we will discuss the main thing among you, that is, get an idea about how to delete your Facebook account forever. First of all, you need to login to your Facebook account from Facebook official apps or any application or browser. From the three dot icon, you need to go to the setting and privacy option. From the setting and privacy option, you need to go to the setting option.

When you go there, you will get various options. Go to that option and go to account ownership and control option. If you go to account ownership and control option, you will get two steps. You will get the option to cancel account deletion.If you click there, you will get two options Deactive and delete. You will select the delete option for the Facebook account you want to delete forever.

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Enter your Facebook password there. You can download all copies of your Facebook if you want. Here you will get the download option. If there is any information you need, you can see you later by downloading the Facebook account information.

Delete with Facebook password After deleting with Facebook password, it will be written there within 30 days if you want to login to Facebook account again, the account will be reactivated on Facebook. Clicking the Continue button will delete your account. If you do not login to your account within 30 days, it will be deleted.

Getting Back a deleted Facebook account

It takes about 30 days to delete Facebook account. If you want, you can reactivate your Facebook account in the meantime. How to get back to Facebook account after deleting Facebook account. Login to your account from any apps or browser with your number and facebook password.

You will be given a warning while logging in, that is, if you want to get back to your Facebook account, you will see two options: Cancel and Continue. If you want to get back to the Facebook account, then click the cancel button, then your Facebook account will be deleted again.

If you don’t want to delete the account, then you can easily back the deleted Facebook account by clicking the cancel delete option. This was today’s discussion, we have shown you how to delete the account on Facebook and if you need it again, how to return the account to Facebook. I tried to benefit you with some information about Anban. Thank you all for following our website.

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