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How to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

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How to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale ? Clash Royale game has become quite popular all over the world. It is a premium real time strategy video game. The demand of this game is huge in the present world. The game initially started out as a full on multiplayer tower defense game but now the mechanics work like a card game.

The game was released on March 2, 2016 at the World Cup. Today we are discussing this Clash Royale game in detail. From here you can know how to get trade tokens of Clash Royale game. Follow the article to get Clash Royale Trade Tokens

How to Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a multiplayer video game in which two or four players race to destroy a kings tower. After an update to the Clash Royale game in late 2018,  2vs2 matches quit multiple times, preventing players from playing 2vs2 with random players for a while.

Players need trade tokens to play Clash Royale game. Many people don’t know how to get trade tokens to play new level games. The idea of ​​how to get Trade Token is clearly expressed below. 


If you are just starting to play Clash Royale game, you may not know much about Trade Tokens. Clash Royale Game Tokens may seem confusing to you because you have no idea about them. How to get Clash Royale Trade Tokens? You will get the answer to this question from this article. Hope you get all the information about Clash Royale Trade Token from this register.

How to trade your cards with other players in Clash Royale game, how to use them in the games will try to give a concrete idea. I hope you will be with me. Keep scrolling down to get Clash Royale Trade Tokens.

  1. Legendary Token: 1 Legendary card
  2. Epic Token: 10 Epic cards
  3. Rare Token: 50 Rare cards
  4. Common Token: 250 Common cards

How To Get Trade Tokens in Clash Royale For Free

Gamers who want to get Clash Royale Trade Tokens can get Trade Tokens in four different ways. But in this case you can get free Clash Royale Trade Tokens in two ways and in two ways you have to buy Clash Royale Trade Tokens with money.


For those of you who want to get free Clash Royale Trade Tokens, the best time to get free Trade Tokens is to complete events, challenges and global tournaments. You can collect trade tokens from certain Clash Royale challenges and events. Moreover, you can buy Clash Royale trade tokens with money without event if you want.

  1. 5 for each Common card
  2. 50 for each Rare card
  3. 500 for each Epic card
  4. 20,000 for each Legendary card

Trade Tokens in Clash Royale 2022

Clash Royale costs a certain amount of elixir to play each card. Clash Royale was first launched with 42 cards. At the beginning of the Clash Royale game there were 14 cards for each of the three rarities. Added new refrain after update in February 2016. After the update in December 2020, the game has 102 cards that come with four ironies. That is common, rare epics and legends.


Clash Royale Trade Token is launched since the update in 2018. Common rare epic and legendary cards can be used to trade with clans allowing players to get more of the cards they need and release cards from them.

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