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Notification regarding submission of practical book of HSC candidates in 2021 has been published. The Department of Secondary and Higher Education publishes guidelines for submission of practical books for HSC candidates. I will discuss in detail about the practicalities of 2021 HSC candidates.

For those of you who are looking for HSC 2021 practical, I will tell you that you have come to the right place. You can get practicals of all departments of HSC 2021 from our website. You can write practicals in our practical book by downloading practicals from our website.

HSC  Practical Question 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has issued a notice to the students participating in the 2021 HSC examination to submit their practical books.

In the light of appropriate topics and sources, it is to be informed to all concerned that the syllabus of HSC examination for 2021 has been rearranged due to Covid 19 supermarket. The full formatted curriculum outlines what needs to be done on the topics that are practical.


As due to the cowardly situation, only HSC / equivalent candidates of 2021 will be held in the elective subject examination, so it is necessary to submit a practical book on selection.

HSC Chemistry Practical  Answer 2021

HSC 2021 Practical Syllabus

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has issued a notification regarding the submission of practical books for 2021 HSC candidates.

Since the syllabus of this year’s HSC examination will be reduced and the examination will be held in a shorter manner, there is no need for the HSC candidates to submit the practical book. In case of submission of practical book, only those two chapters mentioned in the short syllabus have to be submitted to the respective institutions. In addition, if a student uses any two of the curriculum, then the practical can be submitted to their respective educational institutions.

HSC Practical Download 

HSC Practical Answer 2021

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education has asked the students who have taken part in the HSC / equivalent examination of 2021 to submit only the practical subject of the elective subject. All the practical instructions of HSC 2021 are given in a notification from the website of the Ministry of Education.

Samples of all the practical books of the students taking part in the HSC examination of 2021 will be available on our website. You can easily write a practical notebook by following the sample.

HSC Physics Practical  Answer 2021

HSC 2021 students have to do any two practicals according to the short syllabus. After completing the practical test work, its details, observations and results should be written in the practical book. Draw a parallel straight line for writing practical notebooks and leave blanks to draw the design of tools etc. on the page.

  Practical Answer Download 

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