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Kurigram District Post Code, Zip Code, Area Code List | Kurigram All Thana Post Code

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Kurigram District Post code, zip code and area code. Kurigram is one of the 64 districts of Bangladesh. Many of you are looking for the post code of Kurigram district? If after much searching you have not found the desired information, then I would say you have come to the right place.

You will get post code, zip code and area code of Kurigram district from our website. The post codes of all the post offices within Kurigram district are given below.

We need post code for various daily tasks. You must know the postal code to send the required paperwork from one post office to another. That is why it is very important for all of us to know the post code.

Kurigram District Post Office

Kurigram is one of the border areas of Bangladesh. Different places in Kurigram district are in the border area. Today we will discuss in detail about the post code of Kurigram district.


You must know the postal code to send a letter from one place to another through the post office. If you do not know your post code, your item will not reach the right place. That is why it is very important to know the respective district post codes.

Kurigram District Post Code

For those of you who are looking for post code of Kurigram district, we have published post code of all post offices inside Kurigram district on our website. Below is the post code of Kurigram district.

District Name            Thana                     Sub Office                  Post Code

Kurigram             Bhurungamari               Bhurungamari                     5670

Kurigram                 Chilmari                    Chilmari                                5630

Kurigram                 Chilmari                    Jorgacha                               5631

Kurigram           Kurigram Sadar               Kurigram Sadar                  5600

Kurigram           Kurigram Sadar               PAndul                                 5601

Kurigram           Kurigram Sadar               Fulbari                                 5680

Kurigram                 Nageshwar                Nageshwar                          5660

Kurigram                 Rajarhat                    Nazim khan                          5611

Kurigram                   Rajarhat                  Rajarhat                                5610

Kurigram                Rajibpur                    Rajibpur                                5650

Kurigram                 Rowmari                   Rowmari                              5640

Kurigram                   Ulipur                      Bazarhat                              5621

Kurigram                 Ulipur                          Ulipur                                 5620

Kurigram District Area Code

Each district has a different area code. And many want to know the area code for their work. Those of you who want to know the area code of Kurigram district. They can find out from us in today’s post. So share the post with everyone.

We try to help you with the information of post offices in all districts of Bangladesh. If you have any questions about Post Office or Post Code. Then be sure to share with us.

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