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Primary Teacher Final Result 2022 Kobe Dibe ?

Primary Viva Result Kobe Dibe 2022

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Primary Teacher Final Result 2022 Kobe Dibe ? Dear friends good news for all the candidates who participated in Primary Teacher Recruitment Exam 2022. Primary recruitment exam result 2022 is going to be published. Welcome to those of you who have just entered our website. From our website now you can know about Primary Recruitment Exam Result 2022. Let’s know all the details of primary recruitment exam correctly from the following discussion.

Primary Teacher Primary Teacher Recruitment Exam is conducted in three phases. The first phase was held on 22 April 2022, the second phase on 20 May 2022 and the third phase on 3 June 2022. In the said exam MCQ, written and oral exam should be passed. These exams have been held district and upazila wise. On April 22, in the first phase, the examination of candidates was held in different upazilas of 22 districts including Dhaka.

Primary Teacher Final Result 2022 Kobe Dibe

Out of these 14 districts have conducted full examination and remaining 8 districts have conducted partial examination. The second phase examination was held in 29 districts and the third phase examination was held in 32 districts. 13 lakh 9 thousand 661 candidates applied for the primary teacher recruitment exam.

Among them, 40 thousand 862 people passed the written test in the first phase, 53 thousand 595 people in the second phase and 57 thousand 368 people in the third phase. A total of 1 lakh 51 thousand 885 candidates have passed the written examination in three phases. Out of this 45 thousand candidates will be selected based on their merit. Out of every four candidates who qualify the examination, one candidate will be selected as finalist.

Primary Teacher Exam Result Published Date

So far the 2022 primary recruitment exam has been completed in three phases, now waiting for the results. In a press briefing at the secretariat on 30 October 2022 about the results, the Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Shah Rezwan Hayat told the media that the results of the primary teacher recruitment examination will be confirmed between the second and third week of November.

Shah Rezwan Hayat said “Hopefully it will be possible to publish the final results of the recruitment of assistant teachers in the second or third week of November.” According to the final results, around 45 thousand teachers will be appointed across the country.

However, when asked to answer the question whether the number of primary recruitment posts will be increased, no one has expressed an opinion about it so far. Candidates who are finally selected will be selected based on their merit. The process of joining the job of the selected candidates will start soon after the declaration of results.

How To Check Primary Teacher Result ?

Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment final result will be published on DPE official website by second or third week of November. You can easily check the result through the website. Besides, the result can be seen through SMS from the mobile SMS option. After viewing the result from the website, you can download a copy of the result in PDF format.

Currently, the number of government primary schools in Bangladesh is 65 thousand 566. In these total teachers are working 3 lakh 75 thousand people. The process of recruiting 45 thousand more teachers is going on. Following the Government Primary School Teacher Recruitment Rules 2019, the recruitment process is being completed with transparency and impartiality.

Primary Viva Result Kobe Dibe 2022

The necessary activities are being done through the software, the authorities have requested everyone to do it without dealing with brokers or scammers. All jobs will be based on merit and qualifications. The Board of Education has asked to hand over to the police station or inform the intelligence agencies if anyone is tempted to offer jobs in return for money. Be aware yourself and make everyone aware to be safe from these brokers.

You have come to know from the above discussion when primary recruitment exam is held in 2022, when the exam result will be published about all the issues. Hope you will have no more doubts about them. If anyone knows anything, please let me know by commenting below. Thanks to everyone.

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