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Railway Pointsman Exam Question Solution 2022 Download

Today Bangladesh Railway Exam Question Solution 2022

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Railway Pointsman Exam Question Solution 2022 | Bangladesh Railway Exam Question Solution | Today we have appeared with Bangladesh Railway pointsment exam question solutions. 9th September 2022 Bangladesh Railways Post Exam is held all over the country. At the end of the exam the candidates are looking for the solution of the question.

So today we are publishing Bangladesh Railway pointsman exam question solutions. Any information related to Bangladesh railway pointsmany exam can be found here. Read the full article if you want to get Bangladesh railway Pointsman exam question pattern and manpower.

Bangladesh Railway Pointsman Exam Question Solution 2022

Those of you who have participated in the railway point man exam and want to get the complete solution, you have come to the right website. As today September 9 Bangladesh Railway Pointsman Post Exam is held, we are publishing the correct solution for the job aspirants after the exam. Job aspirants are going to know how many questions they answered correctly. So below Railway  Pointsman Post Question Solution is published.

Organization Name: Bangladesh Railway

Exam Type: MCQ

Post Name And Vacancy:
1. Pointsman – 762

Exam Date: 09 September 2022

Exam Time: 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Centre: Division wise

Total Exam Candidates: 3,14,913

Total MCQ Exam Question: 70

Time: 1.00 hour

Railway Pointsman Exam Question Solution

Railway job aspirants attend the pointsman job test on 9th September. About three lakh candidates from all over Bangladesh appeared for railway jobs. Many candidates are fighting against one seat for railway pointsment jobs. So if you want to clear the exam then you must score well in written and MCQ exam. As the railway poinstman post exam is held today, many people want to know the correct solution.


To know how many questions were answered correctly in the exam, you need to see the correct solution. That’s why today we have collected the questions after the examination for the post of Bangladesh Railway Point Man and published them in PDF format. So you can safely check the correct solution of Poinstman Posts in Bangladesh from here.

Question Solution 

Railway Pointsman Exam MCQ Question Solution 

Bangladesh Railway 9th September 2022 mcq exam for the post of Pointsman. Those of you who want to get the solution of pointsment term question, I will tell you to scroll below and get the correct solution from here. We regularly publish all job circulars, job exam question solutions, any job exam admit card and any government private job exam result of the country. No doubt you will get any job exam information from our website.

On September 9, 2022, about three lakh candidates of the country participated in Bangladesh Railway Point Posts. According to the decision of the Bangladesh Railway Authority, the examination for the post of Pointsman has been held in the MCQ system. Those who appeared for the job exam will now get the correct solution of all MCQ questions from here. Bangladesh Railway Pointsman Posts All MCQ Questions Solutions are published below.

MCQ Solution PDF

Railway Pointsman Exam English Part Solution

  • Choose the correct passive voice: His behavior worried us. Answer : We were worried about his behavior. 
  •  Who wrote the book ‘Paradise Lost? Answer : John Milton
  •  What is the masculine gender of a bee? Answer : Drone 
  •  What is the writer of Treasure Island? Answer : Stevenson
  • Fill in the blanks: His illness is a mere pretext — his absence.  Answer : to 
  •  Synonyms of defrauding? Answer : Fraudulently 
  •  Fill in the blanks: I can not stop—–meanness. Answer : to 
  •  Synonyms of futile? Answer : Fruitless 
  •  Identify the correct passive form- He is going to open a shop. Answer : A shop is going to be opened by him.
  •  Lunar eclipse occurs on? Answer : A full moon day
  •  Which of the following sentence is correct? Answer : The rich are not always happy. 
  •  Change the narration:  He said to me “Let us go home together.” Answer : He proposed to me that we should go home together.
  •  Choose the word that replaces best the underlined word in the sentence. ” Colonialism has engendered diverse effects around the world”  Answer : caused
  •  What is a catastrophe? Answer : A tragic end of dramatic events.
  •  Fill in the blanks: He is quiet —– in dealing with people. Answer : diplomatic 
  •  The verb succumbs means? Answer : submit 
  •  The appropriate meaning of the word diversity? Answer : variety 
  •  Choose the correct sentence: Answer : Scarcely had we started when it began to rain
  •  What does “Abode of God” means? Answer : Heaven 
  •  He requested that he might be allowed to come in. Which of the following is the correct direct speech? Answer :  He said, “May I come in.” 

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